EW 1982 Society

The EW 1982 Society was formed to support the legacy of the Executive Women of the Palm Beaches Foundation. The name EW 1982 Society is in homage to the year that EWPBF was founded.

The EW 1982 Society was established in 2023 when 12 founding members came together to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the organization.

The goal is to support EWPBF’s operational needs and the future growth, while ensuring it’s sustainability to serve its mission of helping women succeed and lead.

To join the EW 1982 Society, members are asked to make an annual gift of $1,000. Members will be recognized in all materials, at all EWPBF events, and on the EWPBF website.

EW 1982 Society members will also receive a membership pin to acknowledge their contribution. A special reception will be held annually to recognize current members and invite others to join.

For more information, contact Amy Brand @ abrand@philanthropytank.org.

Join or Renew Membership Into The Society
EW 1982 Society Founding Members

Amy Brand

Dr. Emma Banks

Dari Bowman

Jessica Cecere

Trudy Crowetz

Michele Gurto

Elizabeth Hamma

Deborah Jaffe

Monica Manolas

Katie Klause Newitt

Charlotte Pelton

Vicki Pugh

Virginia Spencer

Trixy Walker