Dr. Tomara Graham-Mays

Member Spotlight

Dr. Tomara Graham-Mays

Executive Director, Family Promise of North Central Palm Beach County

Tomara's EWPBF involvement so far

  • Member since April 2022
  • Women in Leadership Awards Committee Member (WILA) 2023

Favorite motivational quotes:

“When they go low, we go high.”
~Michelle Obama, First Lady of the U.S.

Our Q & A with Tomara

What made you want to join EWPBF?

I wanted to be a part of this exciting moment for women in leadership. When I joined, I was going through a different season of my career — one of uncertainty –, and I needed to be around women like me. EWPBF is home for me now because these women share experiences like mine.

How has EWPBF helped your career so far?
As leaders, when we are deep in the trenches of our work alone, we sometimes fail to realize our importance and that we matter. Attending events, luncheons, and community and team-building programs with other EWPBF members makes me better at what I do because I know I have the support I need. I’m learning from other women who are trailblazing leaders; we all help build up and empower each other. .

How has EWPBF helped your personal connections with other professional women so far?

. I’m humbled to be taken under the wings of other EWPBF members and inspired by the like-minded female contacts I’ve cultivated.

What is your proudest moment since joining EWPBF?
Connecting with these like-minded, professional women has been such a blessing. I’m excited to be part of WILA this year as we celebrate 40 years of EWPBF excellence. I love when women leaders inspire and support others, particularly young women just starting college, finishing college, and embarking on their careers.

What has been your most challenging moment since joining EWPBF?
There’s not enough time to give to this excellent work that impacts our community. I wish I could do this work 24/7 to cultivate, build, grow, and inspire other women.

Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about why EWPBF is important to you?
I’m proud to be part of such an incredible organization that transforms lives thanks to the members who laid the first foundation for us in EWPBF. Being a part of the organization that helps women become better leaders is a proud moment for all EWPBF members. Through the various programs that we support, our work will continue to empower girls and young women to become future generational leaders.