Julie Kime

Member Spotlight
Julie Kime

Julie Kime

Sold her Allstate agency approximately eight years ago

Julie's EWPBF involvement so far

  • Founding member, June 1982
  • Board member from 1988 through 1991
  • Winner of the EWPBF 1994 Women in Leadership Award (WILA)
  • Red Tie Auction Chair 1989 at Flagler Museum’s Whitehall and 1988 at a private residence
  • WILA Co-Chair with Dorothy Bradshaw, PGA National, 1992

Favorite motivational quotes:

“Live a life of giving, live a life of fulfillment.”
~ Anonymous

Our Q & A with Julie

What made you want to join EWPBF?
Cynthia Allan Gracey founded EWPBF in January 1982. Cynthia became our first president since she was the founder. There were only a handful of ladies at the time. Cynthia also had the vision to create the WILA luncheon, which was a first in PB county. She and I were best, best friends.

How has EWPBF helped your career so far?
All the new EWPBF members have helped my career over the years and inspired me to volunteer and give back to our community. I received the 2015 Hispanic Woman of Distinction in South Florida, the 2015 Quantum House Portrait of a Woman, the 2022 Palm Beach State College (PBSC) Martin Luther King Award for Philanthropy, and the 2023 Lifetime Leadership Award for 30 years of philanthropy for Boys and Girls Clubs. Since retiring, I have stayed active as a founding member of the Central Chamber of Commerce of PBC and a board member of the PBSC Foundation and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County and Wellington. .

How has EWPBF helped your personal connections with other professional women so far?
.Over the last 40 years, I have made many lasting friendships.

What is your proudest moment since joining EWPBF?
My proudest moment was on our 30th anniversary, honoring Cynthia with the “Free to Be” statuette. She got a standing ovation.!

What has been your most challenging moment since joining EWPBF?
I lost my best friend, Cynthia, in February 2017..

Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about why EWPBF is important to you?
EWPB is important to me because I want Cynthia Allan Gracey’s name and vision to be kept alive. We MUST remember that if it were not for her, none of us would be here today enjoying WILA every year.