Sailynn Doyle

Member Spotlight
Sailynn Doyle

Sailynn Doyle

Passion Purpose Posture LLC

Sailynn 's EWPBF involvement so far

  • Member since February 2018 and a board member from July 2018-present
  • Vice president of the resource development and membership committee since June 2022

Favorite motivational quotes:

“My goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from.” – Anonymous

Our Q & A with Sailynn

What made you want to join EWPBF?
I had just moved to Juno Beach in 2017 from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I was looking for a professional organization where I could meet women in the area and network about my new business.

How has EWPBF helped your career so far?
EWPBF members have become my customers, but they have also been a huge help in building my business by introducing me to reliable resources. Our organization is the perfect mix of personal and professional.

How has EWPBF helped your personal connections with other professional women so far?
When you are new to an area, it is key to find women who know the ins and outs of the community. Our EWPBF members are well-connected and are always there to help you when needed!

What is your proudest moment since joining EWPBF?
At the May 2018 meeting, I was shocked to be awarded “New Member of the Year” after joining just a few months prior, although I’d started attending events in August 2017.

What has been your most challenging moment since joining EWPBF?
I was asked to join the board of directors just a few months after joining in February 2018. This invitation was a challenge because I was still very new to the area and the organization. I knew I had the skill to be a board member, but I hesitated!

Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about why EWPBF is important to you?
When women ask me why I love EWPBF, I tell them that out of all the groups I have belonged to in 15 years in business, EWPBF members have been the most welcoming, kind, and helpful to me. When you attend an event, you never feel awkward or like a wallflower; as an introvert, that is very important to me. Someone always comes up and asks you to tell them about yourself.