Trixy Walker, MBA, RPA, LEED Green Associate

Member Spotlight
Trixy Walker

Trixy Walker, MBA, RPA, LEED Green Associate

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), General Manager of Industrial Assets

Trixy's EWPBF involvement so far

  • Member since October 2009
  • Board member from July 2016-2020
  • President of the board (2019-20) after serving as both vice president and secretary
  • Member of the directory committee (2010-11) and the membership committee (2012)

Favorite motivational quotes:

“Success is not a destination: It is a journey. The happiest people I know are those who are busy working toward specific objectives. The most bored and miserable people I know are those who are drifting along with no worthwhile objectives in mind.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Our Q & A with Trixy

What made you want to join EWPBF?
At first glance, it was the prestige of it all. I admired the women in the community for their work collectively and individually. I wanted to be surrounded by like-minded women. I did not want to be the smartest in the room; having the wealth of information and wisdom in one room was very rewarding.

How has EWPBF helped your career so far?
By being part of EWPBF I have had opportunities to showcase my leadership skills in the workplace. EWPBF has also shown me how to help raise up other women so they can also lead and succeed.

How has EWPBF helped your personal connections with other professional women so far?
Had I not become a member of EWPBF, I would not have formed the close relationships that this organization has allowed. These relationships will last a lifetime.

What is your proudest moment since joining EWPBF?
Serving as president and having women surround me who truly had my back and wanted me to succeed. Teamwork really makes a dream work.

Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about why EWPBF is important to you?
I believe in helping other women lead and succeed. I am most proud of EWPBF for giving back thru scholarships. I love seeing previous members put scholarships in their names to help sometimes underprivileged girls and women further their education